13 Best Coin Master Tips And Tricks You Cannot Play Without

When you participate in a Coin Master game, there are different regulations and limits that you can adopt as a part of your Coin Master strategies. Some are of a huge scale and definitely, they deserve their own spot, like getting the most out of chests. Some other would be simple enough to include here and would be part of our goals. The next thing you need to do is make sure that you check the final ultimate guide!

How to send more than 5 cards per day tricks

coin master send cards

In Coin Master, cards can be sent as gifts to your Facebook friends as part of Coin Master’s social aspect. However, this is caped at 5 a day. In this case, you need more methods of sending cards in a day. The first method to do this is by changing the date of your mobile phone to a further date by at least one day. After that, it will allow you to send out 5 more cards. You can do it as many times as you want. Another way is to uninstall and reinstall the Coin Master game. This action will leave you to send 5 more cards. Using the trick of Coin master you can repeat this process as well.

Two-Finger Trick for Getting the Last Treasure in a Hole

While raiding you face a situation when you have the first two emphasis correctly. But rest two you can never correct those. But as known, for everyone there is a miracle when things are happening as Coin Master on the server. There is a Coin Master trick for digging up the treasure at the last hole as well. To perform this successfully, you have to bring the two-finger trick into play. How it’s done? When you have already discovered the 2 holes with the treasure above them, position your fingers right above the 2 remaining holes. Then hit both of them at the same time as fast and as far apart as possible, with each violent hit being consistent for more than a second. The hole with the treasure will open. It’s important that you don’t tap the screen with a lag, or this trick won’t work

Get free spins in Coin Master

If you are running out of spins you can use these tricks to get more free spins. Just follow this free spins link and you will know it all.

Grab all Free Offers

In addition to the mentioned issues, you should better remember to log in to the Coin Master on a regular basis if want free spins. This approach can be more effective than buying rolls because we can get some of the free rewards of the game including free offers, daily spins, and the legendary calendar for instance. The third item should be included in the daily schedule of Coin Master players.

Coin Master tricks – Maximum-bet Super-Betting

You can place a higher bet after stocking more and more spins. In the case of VIP customers, they may even engage the 600 or even 1000 stakes in Bet Blast. The tactic of “big raids” needs it, as the big raids are characterized by their numerous turns.
When they are over, the bet size falls, however. You will have a choice between placing wagers of 3 or 8 coins when all spins are used. But it is very important to not go below 100 spins, as here the bet will be placed at the maximum.

Find the Coin Master Spinning pattern

As long as you have a clue about the way Coin Master machines work, you are much more likely to win in events where you have the chance to win big. From this viewpoint, you need to see if the spinning pattern that is followed in this situation corresponds to another pattern. The pattern for each test is similar. If we take in the three symbol events as an example we have to start by betting the 1x multiplier at about 90 spins and then go up to 15, 50, 150, etc., spending 15-20 spins for each one. After you hit the three symbols, you have to start the whole pattern again. For Raid Madness, because the odds of getting 2 or 3 pigs are higher, you have to start raising already in around 30 spins which are less compared to regular spins starting with them. I would suggest catching the algorithm’s tracks, and then defeat the spinning model.

Collect keys for Treasure Cave

While playing the pageant of the Treasure Cave event, the pop-up mini-game appears: the user gathers keys to open lockers carefully. In the lockers small rewards are hidden. But, if a player bumps into the golden idol they can collect the big rewards. There are twelve levels and if you go through all of them, congratulation, but then you will have never been as a rich man before. If you abandon your keys, you’ll be completely converted at the end of the game for 10 spins per key. If you have more keys, the chances of getting a bigger win in the game are higher, so it’s a good idea to use them all. How about the maximum number of levels to win? It is not a secret. I prepared a Treasure cave protocol with a little Treasure cave hack. Don’t miss it.

Keep your pet active

For four hours that your pet will be three times more powerful if you give it food. Look at that if users will not play a full four hours, what’s the point of bringing in the extra abilities. Definitely food your pet up. There is a hidden benefit here. Each and every user has the right to get the free pet for 15 minutes to activate a day only. For short periods of playing time, you should prefer this as you have a chance of playing the game in 3d. Also, if it is available use it when you can play longer. It is free and doesn’t require pet food to be used

Buy chests in every village tricks

Every village you frequent, make sure to buy chests there. Why? Because in each village, there are different rare and gold cards. If you won’t buy them it will be harder to get them in higher villages. The rumor is that you should, at the very least, spend 1 to 1.5 billion coins on chests each time in the village. In several villages, you should also buy chests for extended periods of time of a few days only since they have far more gold and rare cards. These are termed boom villages.

Become a VIP player

When possible, please apply to the VIP player program. If you want to get the status of a VIP you have to be invited by Coin Master. There is no other way. Also, there is no certain way of getting an invitation. They say you have to spend real money on the game and quickly advance. I do not know. I have not bought a single coin and I am not yet invited, though I am also at village 168. But if it is possible, just do it!

New Coin Master Trick: Join a Team

One of the most modern Coin Master Tricks is to join a Team. When you are a member of a team, you give each other free spins and trade cards are very easy. Also, you play together to win great chest rewards in the Team Chest Challenges. When you want to join a team it might be a good idea to look at the number of stars. This is mainly chosen to target only active players.

Join Facebook groups for trading cards

For those who lack some cards, this is a really effective solution, either buy from other people or win them by participating in different Facebook groups. Also with the help of these groups, you can ask for help to get free spins and coins on a daily basis. On this page, you will be given clues to get the most out of social media groups. You can offer new cards from your teammates as well.

Advanced Coin Master tricks – Play with multiple accounts

Quite a number of users establish a second Facebook account for Coin Master game. These second accounts are also known as “baby” accounts. They can be used for getting additional coins or rare cards. Some people got promoted rather quickly. This led them to lose possession of rare or gold cards that were available at that time. For every new account on Coin Master you have to have an extra Facebook account. To play with two different accounts, some users utilize app clones that can make multiple versions of Coin Master and Facebook on their device or they use one device supported by two SIM cards. In case you don’t, you have to remove Coin Master first, then connect another FB account, and finally perform an installation of the game from the beginning.

What are the rules in Coin Master

A big proportion of players on Coin Master call themselves rule players. This means that they use certain guidelines which they also expect their friends to follow. They are plain and simple; there are also helpful tips and tricks on the Fan Sites Forum for that.

  1. Not to attack. It’s best to just do the most relaxed attack when someone hits you, which is the “revenge” button with “random” selected. Most of the time, such roommates can be “friended” there
  2. Demand at least 5 million coins from someone you are raiding. If you want to do this, privately message in Facebook and wait for a few minutes to hear back. If yes, then you can dig or if they are at their limit, you will have to wait a moment for them to spend those coins. This trick works both ways because the person getting raided gets the chance to spend all of his coins and you can dig the same amount of coins that were originally present.

Not everyone has similar strategies while playing so you should either check them or give a brief description of a style you play before they accept you. If the person is a complete stranger or if you are just not getting along then it might be wise to remove them from your friend list.

Bonus tip: Create a baby account

A bonus tip from me would be that you can create a baby account. This is another new account you make, and then you partner with your main account. Frequently you can trade cards and make use of it for large-scale go at one another.

Bonus tip 2: Be careful to add friends

Add friends and get up to 100 more spins than you had yesterday. This can be done every day, but there are also some compelling reasons not to. You can find them here

The community: Do you possess different Coin Master tips that you would be willing to share that others might not have read? If so, which ones? Feel free to tell me about any of the issues that you think (are not working).