Reet Riwaaz The #1 Best Ladies Designer Boutique In Delhi NCR

Reet Riwaaz Boutique is the best boutique in Tilak Nagar Delhi area for Lehenga stitching, designer dresses & other custom made dresses. We loved the fitting & finishing provided by fashion designer Shivani Chauhan.

Prices are reasonable considering the quality and uniqueness of their collections. A must-visit for anyone seeking authentic Indian attire with a modern twist.

Reet Riwaaz Boutique is the best boutique near me & we highly recommend them for your next shopping spree in Delhi!

Address : Double Storey, 5/59, Metro Station Tilak Nagar
Station Exit-1, Block 2
Tilak Nagar, New Delhi
Delhi, 110018


Owner Name: Shivani Chauhan

City : New Delhi

State : Delhi (NCR)

Zip code : 110018

Country : India

Phone : 9718775661, 7011856554

Fax : 7991721573

Business E. mail : [email protected]

Year Found : 2023

Operation Hours : Monday – Saturday | 10AM – 7PM

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