The Top 53 Best Apps to Make Money Online at Home In 2023

Top 53 Best Apps to Make Money Online at Home In 2023: In today’s fast-paced and digital world, making money from the comfort of your home has become more attainable than ever before, thanks to the multitude of money-making apps available at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash, boost your savings, or even establish a full-fledged income stream, these apps offer a diverse range of opportunities that cater to various skills and interests. So, grab your smartphone and get ready to explore the top 53 best apps that can help you make money online from the comfort of your couch!

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List Of Top 53 Best Money Making Apps Online At Home

App Name Platform Features Free/Paid Ratings (Avg.) Downloads (Est.)
Swagbucks Android/iOS Surveys, videos, games, cashback Free 4.5/5 10M+
Survey Junkie Android/iOS Paid surveys Free 4.4/5 5M+
InboxDollars Android/iOS Surveys, videos, email reading Free 4.2/5 1M+
Rakuten Android/iOS Cashback on online shopping Free 4.6/5 10M+
Drop Android/iOS Cashback on everyday purchases Free 4.3/5 1M+
Acorns Android/iOS Micro-investing Free/Paid 4.5/5 5M+
Dosh Android/iOS Automatic cashback on purchases Free 4.4/5 1M+
Slidejoy Android Lock screen ads Free 4.0/5 1M+
Google Opinion Rewards Android/iOS Paid surveys for Google Play credits Free 4.2/5 50M+
Sweatcoin Android/iOS Earn money for steps Free 4.3/5 10M+
Foap Android/iOS Sell photos online Free/Paid 4.0/5 500K+
Poshmark Android/iOS Buy and sell clothes and accessories Free 4.5/5 5M+
Decluttr Android/iOS Sell tech and media items Free 4.4/5 1M+
Rover Android/iOS Pet sitting and dog walking Free 4.6/5 5M+
TaskRabbit Android/iOS Complete tasks for others Free 4.5/5 1M+
Fiverr Android/iOS Freelancing marketplace Free 4.7/5 10M+
Upwork Android/iOS Freelance platform for professionals Free 4.6/5 5M+
UserTesting Android/iOS Get paid for testing websites Free 4.5/5 1M+
Instacart Android/iOS Grocery shopping and delivery Free 4.4/5 5M+
Amazon Flex iOS Deliver Amazon packages Free 4.3/5 10M+
Airbnb Android/iOS Rent out spare rooms or properties Free 4.8/5 50M+
Getaround Android/iOS Rent out your car Free 4.5/5 1M+
HealthyWage Android/iOS Earn money for weight loss goals Free/Paid 4.4/5 500K+
Achievement/Evidation Android/iOS Get rewarded for staying healthy Free 4.2/5 1M+
Field Agent Android/iOS Mystery shopping and tasks Free 4.3/5 500K+
Gigwalk Android/iOS Complete tasks in your area Free 4.1/5 1M+
TaskBucks Android Try apps, surveys, and referral program Free 4.0/5 500K+
Toluna Influencers Android/iOS Paid surveys and product testing Free 4.2/5 1M+
iPoll Android/iOS Participate in surveys for rewards Free 4.0/5 1M+
QuickThoughts Android/iOS Surveys for Amazon gift cards Free 4.1/5 1M+
Slide Android Lock screen rewards Free 4.0/5 500K+
MobileXpression Android Passive rewards for mobile browsing data Free 4.3/5 500K+
Surveys On The Go Android/iOS High-paying surveys Free 4.4/5 500K+
FeaturePoints Android/iOS Try apps and redeem points for rewards Free 4.1/5 1M+
Qmee Android/iOS Earn money for surveys and shopping online Free 4.2/5 500K+
Pei Android/iOS Automatic cashback for everyday spending Free 4.3/5 100K+
Receipt Hog Android/iOS Upload receipts for rewards Free 4.1/5 1M+
CashPirate Android Try apps, watch videos, and take surveys Free 4.0/5 500K+
Honeygain iOS Earn passive income sharing internet bandwidth Free 4.3/5 500K+
Nielsen Mobile Panel Android/iOS Earn rewards for sharing mobile browsing data Free 4.2/5 500K+
AppBounty Android/iOS Earn rewards trying new apps Free 4.0/5 1M+
Tap Cash Rewards Android Complete tasks for cash rewards Free 4.0/5 500K+
Rewardable Android Completing simple tasks for rewards Free 4.1/5 500K+
Surveys for Money Android/iOS Share your opinions for cash rewards Free 4.0/5 500K+
Clickworker Android/iOS Complete micro jobs for cash rewards Free 4.2/5 1M+
Slide Android/iOS Earn rewards for unlocking your phone Free 4.0/5 500K+
Google AdSense Android/iOS Monetize your website or blog with ads Free 4.5/5 1M+
YouTube Android/iOS Monetize your videos with ad revenue and sponsorships Free 4.7/5 1B+
Twitch Android/iOS Monetize your live streams with subscriptions and donations Free 4.6/5 100M+
Patreon Android/iOS Earn money by offering exclusive content to subscribers Free 4.5/5 1M+
UpVoice Android Earn gift cards for internet activity Free 4.3/5 500K+
Prolific Android High-paying surveys for academic research Free 4.2/5 500K+

Please note that the ratings and number of downloads are estimates and may vary over time. For accurate and up-to-date information, you can search for these apps on the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

1. Swagbucks: Your All-in-One Rewards Platform

Swagbucks is a leading rewards app that offers a plethora of ways to earn money and rewards. By completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online through Swagbucks, you accumulate points called “Swagbucks” or SB. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash through PayPal. Swagbucks is popular for its user-friendly interface and extensive opportunities to earn.

2. Survey Junkie: Get Rewarded for Sharing Your Opinions

Survey Junkie is a dedicated survey app that allows you to earn money by providing valuable feedback through surveys. By sharing your opinions on various products and services, you earn points that can be converted into cash or gift cards. With a reliable track record and a wide range of surveys available, Survey Junkie is a straightforward way to make money online.

3. InboxDollars: Earn Money by Completing Simple Tasks

InboxDollars offers a versatile platform for making money online by completing a variety of tasks, including taking surveys, watching videos, and reading emails. As you complete these activities, you accumulate earnings that can be redeemed for cash rewards.

4. Rakuten: Cashback Rewards for Online Shopping

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a popular cashback app that rewards you for shopping through their platform. Simply browse through Rakuten before making online purchases, and you’ll earn cashback on your eligible purchases. Rakuten partners with a vast array of online retailers, making it a fantastic way to save money while shopping.

5. Drop: Effortless Cashback for Everyday Purchases

Drop is a cashback app that rewards you for your everyday spending. Simply link your credit or debit cards to the app, and you’ll earn points for purchases made at participating retailers. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, allowing you to earn rewards without any extra effort.

6. Acorns: Invest Your Spare Change and Watch It Grow

Acorns is an investment app that simplifies the process of investing. The app automatically rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the spare change into a diversified portfolio. It’s an excellent option for those looking to dip their toes into the world of investing without the need for extensive knowledge or large sums of money.

7. Dosh: Earn Cashback with No Effort

Similar to Drop, Dosh is a cashback app that provides you with cash rewards for making purchases at partner retailers. Link your cards, shop as usual, and enjoy automatic cashback without the need to scan receipts or activate offers.

8. Slidejoy: Get Paid for Unlocking Your Phone

Slidejoy is a unique app that pays you for using your phone’s lock screen. By displaying targeted ads on your lock screen, Slidejoy rewards you with points for simply unlocking your phone. Over time, these points can be converted into cash or gift cards.

9. Google Opinion Rewards: Share Your Opinion for Google Play Credits

Google Opinion Rewards allows you to earn Google Play credits by participating in short surveys. Share your opinion on various topics, and you’ll receive credits that can be used to purchase apps, games, movies, and more on the Google Play Store.

10. Sweatcoin: Earn Money for Staying Active

Sweatcoin motivates you to stay active and healthy by converting your steps into a digital currency called “Sweatcoin.” As you walk or run, Sweatcoin tracks your steps and rewards you with coins, which can be redeemed for various rewards, including fitness products, gadgets, or even PayPal cash.

11. Foap: Monetize Your Photos

If you have a passion for photography, Foap is the app for you. Foap allows you to upload and sell your photos to businesses and individuals looking for unique and high-quality images. Each time someone purchases your photo, you earn money, making Foap a fantastic platform for both amateur and professional photographers to make money from their passion.

12. Poshmark: Turn Your Closet into Cash

Poshmark is a popular app for fashion enthusiasts who want to declutter their closets and make money from their gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. List your items for sale, set your prices, and connect with potential buyers through the app’s social marketplace.

13. Decluttr: Convert Your Tech Clutter into Cash

Decluttr is a convenient app that allows you to sell your old tech gadgets, including smartphones, DVDs, and games. Simply scan the barcodes of your items, receive a quote, and ship your items for free. Decluttr offers a quick and hassle-free way to turn your tech clutter into cash.

14. Rover: Earn Money as a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

If you love pets, Rover is an excellent app for making money by pet sitting or dog walking. Create a profile showcasing your pet care experience and availability, and connect with pet owners in your area who need your services.

15. TaskRabbit: Get Paid for Completing Tasks

TaskRabbit connects you with people in your area who need help with various tasks. From moving furniture to assembling IKEA items, you can choose from a wide range of tasks and get paid for completing them.

16. Fiverr: Sell Your Skills and Talents

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that allows you to offer your skills and talents for hire. Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, or video editor, you can create gigs on Fiverr and attract clients from around the world.

17. Upwork: Freelancing Platform for Professionals

Upwork is another popular freelance platform that connects businesses and individuals with talented professionals across various industries. Whether you’re a web developer, translator, or virtual assistant, you can find opportunities to earn money based on your expertise.

18. UserTesting: Get Paid for Testing Websites

UserTesting pays you for testing websites and providing feedback on user experience. You’ll navigate through websites and share your thoughts out loud, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights into the usability of their platforms.

19. Instacart: Earn Money by Grocery Shopping

Instacart allows you to earn money as a personal grocery shopper. Accept shopping requests from customers, fulfill their orders at local stores, and deliver the groceries to their doorstep.

20. Amazon Flex: Make Money Delivering Packages

Amazon Flex is a program that allows you to earn money by delivering Amazon packages in your local area. Choose your own schedule, and deliver packages using your vehicle.

21. Airbnb: Host Travelers and Earn Money

If you have a spare room or property, you can list it on Airbnb and make money by hosting travelers from around the world. Airbnb provides an excellent opportunity to monetize your extra space and provide unique experiences to guests.

22. Getaround: Rent Out Your Car

Getaround allows you to make money by renting out your car to others in your area. When you’re not using your vehicle, others can rent it for short periods, and you’ll receive payment for the rental.

23. HealthyWage: Bet on Your Fitness Goals

HealthyWage allows you to make money by betting on your weight loss journey. Set a weight loss goal and timeline, and if you achieve your target, you’ll win a cash prize.

24. Achievement: Earn Cash for Staying Healthy

Achievement rewards you for staying healthy and active. Connect your fitness apps and devices to Achievement, and you’ll earn points for activities like walking, running, and logging your food intake.

25. Foap: Monetize Your Photos

Foap is a popular app that allows you to monetize your photography skills. It serves as a platform for photographers to upload their photos and sell them to businesses and individuals looking for unique and high-quality images. Foap’s user-friendly interface and straightforward submission process make it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional photographers to showcase their work and earn money from their passion.

26. Field Agent: Mystery Shopping for Extra Cash

Field Agent offers a fun and interactive way to make money by becoming a mystery shopper. As a Field Agent, you can browse available tasks, such as checking prices at local stores, taking photos of product displays, and verifying inventory. Once you complete the tasks, you’ll receive cash rewards directly through the app. Joining Field Agent allows you to contribute to market research while earning some extra cash on the side.

27. Gigwalk: Complete Tasks in Your Area for Cash

Gigwalk is another app that enables you to earn money by completing small tasks in your local area. Businesses post “gigs” that range from product demonstrations to verifying business locations. You can choose from a variety of gigs that suit your skills and interests. Once you complete the tasks, you’ll receive cash rewards, making Gigwalk an excellent option for earning money on the go.

28. TaskBucks: Task and Reward App for Extra Income

TaskBucks is a versatile app that provides various opportunities to earn money and rewards. From trying out new apps to participating in surveys and referring friends, TaskBucks offers a wide range of tasks that cater to different preferences. As you complete tasks, you accumulate rewards, which can be redeemed for cash, mobile recharges, or gift cards.

29. Toluna Influencers: Share Your Opinion for Cash

Toluna Influencers is a popular survey app that rewards you for sharing your opinions on various products and services. By participating in surveys and providing valuable feedback, you earn points that can be converted into cash rewards or gift cards. Toluna Influencers also offers product testing opportunities, allowing you to try new products before they hit the market.

30. iPoll: Participate in Surveys for Cash Rewards

iPoll is another app that offers paid surveys and product testing opportunities. By sharing your opinions on products and services, you can earn cash rewards and gift cards. The app covers various topics, including consumer preferences, brand perceptions, and current events, making it an engaging and rewarding platform for sharing your thoughts.

31. QuickThoughts: Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards

QuickThoughts is an excellent app for earning Amazon gift cards by participating in surveys. The app provides a wide range of surveys on various topics, and each completed survey rewards you with points. Once you reach the minimum redemption threshold, you can exchange your points for Amazon gift cards and shop for your favorite items on the popular online platform.

32. Slide: Unlock Your Earning Potential

Slide is a unique app that allows you to earn money by unlocking your phone and interacting with content on your lock screen. The app displays targeted ads, trending news articles, and promotions on your lock screen. By sliding left or right, you can engage with the content or unlock your phone as usual. For each interaction, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards from popular retailers.

33. MobileXpression: Passive Rewards for Browsing

MobileXpression offers an easy way to earn passive rewards by sharing your mobile browsing data. By installing the app on your device, you contribute to market research on internet usage trends. As a reward for your participation, you earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards from various retailers.

34. Surveys On The Go: High-Paying Surveys

Surveys On The Go is a reputable survey app that is known for providing higher-paying surveys compared to many other survey apps. The app offers surveys on a variety of topics, including consumer behavior, product preferences, and current events. Completing surveys on Surveys On The Go allows you to earn cash rewards for sharing your opinions.

35. FeaturePoints: Try Apps and Redeem Points for Rewards

FeaturePoints rewards you for trying out new apps and games. By exploring and testing various apps, you accumulate points that can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or gift cards from popular retailers. The app constantly updates its selection of apps and games, providing users with an exciting and ever-changing way to earn rewards.

36. Qmee: Earn Money for Surveys and Shopping Online

Qmee offers a rewarding experience for participating in surveys and shopping online. By taking surveys on various topics, you earn cash rewards for sharing your opinions. Additionally, Qmee provides cashback opportunities for online shopping, allowing you to earn money while making purchases from popular retailers.

37. Pei: Automatic Cashback for Everyday Spending

Pei is a cashback app that simplifies the process of earning rewards for your everyday spending. By linking your credit or debit cards to the app, you automatically earn cashback at participating merchants. Pei offers a wide selection of retailers, making it easy to accumulate cashback rewards without any extra effort.

38. Receipt Hog: Upload Receipts for Rewards

Receipt Hog is a fun app that rewards you for uploading receipts from your everyday purchases. By simply snapping photos of your receipts, you earn coins that can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. Receipt Hog also provides opportunities to participate in sweepstakes for additional rewards, making it a delightful way to make money from your shopping.

39. CashPirate: Try Apps, Watch Videos, and Take Surveys

CashPirate offers a variety of tasks, including trying out new apps, watching videos, and participating in surveys, that you can complete to earn cash or gift cards. The app’s user-friendly interface and straightforward task selection make it an accessible option for anyone looking to make money online.

40. Honeygain: Earn Passive Income Sharing Internet Bandwidth

Honeygain is a unique app that allows you to earn money by sharing your unused internet bandwidth with its network. The app works in the background, and you don’t need to perform any additional tasks or activities. Honeygain collects anonymous data from your internet connection and compensates you for contributing to its network.

41. Nielsen Mobile Panel: Earn Rewards for Sharing Mobile Browsing Data

By joining the Nielsen Mobile Panel, you can earn rewards for sharing your mobile browsing data. The app collects anonymous data on your internet usage, helping companies gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and trends. As a member of the Nielsen Mobile Panel, you contribute to market research while earning rewards.

42. AppBounty: Earn Rewards Trying New Apps

AppBounty offers a straightforward way to earn rewards by trying out new apps and games. As you explore and test various apps, you accumulate points that can be exchanged for gift cards or PayPal cash. AppBounty constantly updates its selection of apps, providing users with a diverse range of options to earn rewards.

43. Tap Cash Rewards: Complete Tasks for Cash

Tap Cash Rewards allows you to earn money by completing various tasks, including trying out apps, watching videos, and participating in surveys. The app provides a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of tasks, making it an accessible option for anyone looking to make some extra cash.

44. Rewardable: Get Paid for Completing Simple Tasks

Rewardable offers a variety of tasks that you can complete for cash rewards. From checking store displays to participating in market research, the app provides straightforward tasks that you can perform on your own schedule. Rewardable allows you to earn money while engaging in simple and fun activities.

45. Surveys for Money: Share Your Opinions for Cash

As the name suggests, Surveys for Money offers paid surveys that reward you with cash for sharing your opinions on various products and services. The app covers a wide range of topics, allowing you to participate in surveys that align with your interests. By providing valuable feedback, you can earn money while influencing market trends.

46. Clickworker: Complete Micro Jobs for Cash

Clickworker is a platform that allows you to earn money by completing small online tasks, known as “micro jobs.” These tasks can include data entry, web research, and content creation. Clickworker offers a flexible way to make money online by utilizing your skills and expertise.

47. Slide: Get Rewarded for Unlocking Your Phone

Slide rewards you for unlocking your phone and interacting with content on your lock screen. The app displays targeted ads and trending content, allowing you to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards from popular retailers. With Slide, you can turn your lock screen into a passive source of income.

48. Google AdSense: Monetize Your Website or Blog

If you own a website or blog, you can make money through Google AdSense by displaying ads on your platform. Google AdSense allows you to earn revenue based on the number of ad impressions and clicks. By integrating ads into your website or blog, you can monetize your online content and generate income.

49. YouTube: Create and Monetize Videos

YouTube offers a lucrative opportunity to make money by creating and uploading videos. As a content creator, you can earn money through ad revenue and sponsored content. By building a dedicated audience and producing engaging videos, you can turn your passion for content creation into a profitable venture.

50. Twitch: Monetize Your Gaming and Content Creation

Twitch is a popular live streaming platform that allows you to earn money through subscriptions, donations, and ads while streaming your gaming sessions or other content. If you’re a gamer or content creator, Twitch provides a supportive community and various revenue streams to monetize your content.

51. Patreon: Create Exclusive Content for Your Patrons

Patreon enables creators to earn money by offering exclusive content to their patrons, who support them with monthly pledges. If you’re a writer, artist, musician, or any other type of creator, Patreon provides a direct way to connect with your audience and earn consistent income through your creative work.

52. UpVoice: Earn Rewards for Internet Activity

UpVoice allows you to earn gift cards by participating in market research and providing feedback on your online browsing habits. By sharing your internet activity, you contribute to valuable consumer insights while earning rewards for your participation.

53. Prolific: High-Paying Surveys for Researchers

Prolific is a survey platform that offers high-paying surveys primarily for academic research. By participating in surveys on Prolific, you not only earn money but also contribute to important research projects conducted by universities and research institutions worldwide.


With these top 53 best apps to make money online at home is not only achievable but also diverse and exciting. Whether you prefer completing surveys, trying out apps, providing feedback, or utilizing your creative talents, these apps offer various opportunities to earn money and rewards from the comfort of your couch. While each app presents legitimate earning potential, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and avoid scams. Always read reviews, do thorough research, and choose apps that best suit your skills and interests. So, seize the opportunity to make money online and take advantage of these user-friendly and rewarding apps today! Happy earning!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these money-making apps work?

Money-making apps operate in various ways, depending on their features. Some apps offer paid surveys, where users share their opinions on products and services in exchange for cash or rewards. Others provide cashback rewards for online shopping, while some apps reward users for completing tasks, such as testing new apps or participating in mystery shopping. The goal is to offer users accessible and flexible opportunities to earn extra income from their smartphones.

Are these money-making apps safe to use?

Generally, reputable money-making apps are safe to use. However, it's essential to exercise caution and download apps from official app stores like Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). Always read reviews and check the app's privacy policy to understand how your data will be used. Avoid apps that ask for sensitive information or promise unrealistic returns.

How much money can I make with these apps?

The amount of money you can make with money-making apps varies based on the app and your level of engagement. Some users may earn a few dollars a month, while others who actively participate in surveys, complete tasks, and use cashback opportunities may earn more. Keep in mind that money-making apps are not get-rich-quick schemes, but they can provide a supplemental income stream.

Do I need to pay to use these apps?

Many money-making apps are free to download and use. However, some apps may offer additional premium features or subscriptions that require payment. It's essential to review the app's pricing and features before committing to any paid services.

Can I use these apps on any device?

Most money-making apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. You can find them on the respective app stores and install them on compatible smartphones and tablets.

How often can I cash out my earnings?

The cash-out frequency varies among different apps. Some apps allow you to cash out your earnings immediately, while others may have a minimum threshold or specific payout schedule. Be sure to check the app's terms and conditions to understand their payment policies.

Are there age restrictions for using money-making apps?

Yes, some money-making apps may have age restrictions. While many apps require users to be at least 18 years old, some may allow users who are 13 years or older to participate with parental consent. Always check the app's age requirements before signing up.

Can I use multiple money-making apps simultaneously?

Yes, you can use multiple money-making apps simultaneously to diversify your income streams and maximize your earnings. However, be mindful of the time and effort required to participate in each app, so you can manage your tasks effectively.

How can I ensure the legitimacy of money-making apps?

To ensure the legitimacy of money-making apps, research each app before downloading. Read user reviews, check ratings, and verify the app's developer or company. Legitimate apps should have clear terms of service and privacy policies, as well as responsive customer support.

Is there a risk of scams with money-making apps?

While the majority of money-making apps are legitimate, there is a risk of encountering scams. Be cautious of apps that ask for personal information, promise unrealistic earnings, or request payment upfront. Stick to well-known and reputable apps with a track record of positive user experiences. Remember, while money-making apps can provide an accessible and convenient way to earn extra income, it's essential to approach them with realistic expectations. Stay informed, be proactive, and enjoy exploring the various opportunities these apps offer to make money at your own pace.

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