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How to Conquer Dungeons in RAID Shadow Legends: Proven Tactics

How to Conquer Dungeons in RAID Shadow Legends: Welcome, brave warriors of Teleria, to the ultimate guide on conquering dungeons in RAID: Shadow Legends! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player just starting your journey, mastering dungeons is the key to unlocking powerful champions and epic rewards.

Fear not, for I am here to share with you some proven tactics and strategies that will help you emerge victorious in even the toughest of challenges.

How To Conquer Dungeons In Raid Shadow Legends: 10 Best Tips

Assemble a Balanced Team

To build a formidable team, consider the different roles your champions can fill. These roles include Attack, Defense, Support, and HP-based champions. A well-rounded team typically consists of a tank to absorb damage, a damage dealer to inflict heavy blows, a support champion to provide healing and buffs, and a utility champion for crowd control and debuffs.

It’s crucial to consider the faction synergies as well. Some factions have champion abilities that work better together, granting bonuses and enhancing overall performance. For example, the Sacred Order faction has numerous healing abilities that synergize well to create a potent healing team.

Gear Up for Battle

Understanding gear stats is essential to optimize your champions’ performance. Different champions benefit from various primary and secondary stats. Attack-based champions like damage dealers and nukers thrive with high Attack and Critical Rate stats. Defense champions require Defense and HP stats to increase their survivability. Support champions often need Speed, Accuracy, and HP to be effective in providing utility and keeping the team alive.

In addition to the stats, focus on gear sets that enhance your champions’ strengths. Sets like Life, Speed, Lifesteal, and Immortal can significantly impact your team’s success. Experiment with different gear combinations to find the perfect setup for each champion.

Master the Affinity Advantage

Understanding how the affinity system affects combat can turn battles in your favor. The elemental advantage grants a 20% bonus to both damage inflicted and resistance to incoming attacks. On the other hand, elemental disadvantage imposes a 20% penalty to damage dealt and received.

When entering a dungeon, check the affinity of each wave and the boss to assemble a team with champions that have an advantage over the enemy’s affinity. For instance, if you’re facing Magic-affinity enemies, bring Force-affinity champions to deal extra damage.

Study the Dungeon Mechanics

Each dungeon in RAID: Shadow Legends presents unique challenges, such as specific enemy abilities, minions with dangerous effects, and boss mechanics. Reading the dungeon information and studying boss abilities will help you tailor your team and strategy to counter these mechanics.

For example, in the Spider’s Den, the boss can summon spiderlings, and these minions need to be managed to prevent them from overwhelming your team. Having champions with AoE (Area of Effect) attacks or crowd control abilities can help control the spiderlings’ numbers and keep your team safe.

Timing is Everything

The turn meter and cooldowns play a vital role in dungeon battles. Pay attention to the turn order of your champions and the enemy’s champions. Use abilities wisely, focusing on crowd control and key buffs or debuffs when needed.

Timing your crowd control abilities, such as stuns and freezes, can disrupt the enemy’s attack patterns and grant you a tactical advantage. Likewise, managing your team’s healing abilities ensures that your champions stay alive during critical moments.

Team Synergy is Key

Synergy between your champions can greatly amplify their effectiveness. Some champions have abilities that complement each other, creating powerful combos. For example, a champion with a skill that increases Defense can work exceptionally well with a champion that has a passive ability to counterattack when an ally is attacked.

Experiment with different combinations to find the synergy that suits your playstyle and the dungeon you’re attempting to conquer. Additionally, faction wars have specific faction bonuses that further encourage you to use champions from the same faction in certain dungeons.

Focus on Crowd Control

Crowd control abilities, such as stuns, freezes, sleeps, and provokes, can be game-changers in dungeons. They provide you with control over the battlefield, allowing you to dictate the pace of the battle and mitigate the enemy’s damage.

Champions with AoE crowd control abilities are particularly effective in dungeons with waves of enemies. Consider using champions with skills like AoE stuns or AoE freezes to keep the enemy under control and prevent them from overwhelming your team.

Continuous Progression is Vital

RAID: Shadow Legends is a game of patience and continuous progress. To conquer higher-level dungeons, you must constantly improve your champions and gear. Participate in events, complete daily quests, and farm the highest-level dungeons you can manage to obtain better gear and experience points.

Additionally, consider ascending your champions to unlock more powerful abilities and increase their base stats. Ascension is crucial for turning your champions into formidable forces on the battlefield.

Learn from the Best

The RAID: Shadow Legends community is rich with experienced players who have mastered the art of dungeon conquering. Look for content creators, streamers, and forum posts to learn from their strategies and tactics.

Watching video guides and gameplay can provide valuable insights into how top players approach different dungeons and overcome challenging obstacles. Participating in community discussions can also help you exchange ideas and learn from others’ experiences.

Never Give Up

As with any challenging game, setbacks and defeats are a natural part of the journey. Embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. Analyze your mistakes, consider different strategies, and adjust your team composition if needed. With persistence and determination, you’ll conquer dungeons that once seemed insurmountable.


In conclusion, mastering dungeons in RAID: Shadow Legends requires a combination of tactical planning, continuous improvement, and learning from others’ experiences. Assemble a well-balanced team, gear them up wisely, and utilize the affinity advantage.

Study dungeon mechanics and timing, and capitalize on team synergy and crowd control. Embrace the path of continuous progression, seek guidance from experienced players, and never give up in the face of adversity.

By following these proven tactics and strategies on how to conquer dungeons in raid shadow legends, you’ll rise as a true legend of Teleria! May fortune favor you on your epic journey! For More Game Guides And Tricks Please visit our Homepage.