How To Get Free Gems In Dragon City? 2023 Tips Tricks And Strategies

How To Get Free Gems In Dragon City: Dragon City, a popular social simulation game, has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. One of the game’s essential resources is gems, which play a vital role in enhancing gameplay and accelerating progress. Gems allow players to purchase premium items, speed up breeding and hatching times, expand their habitats, and acquire rare dragons.

However, acquiring gems can be expensive, leading players to seek alternative ways to obtain them for free. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of gems in Dragon City, delve into gem prices, and uncover effective methods and strategies to obtain free gems, enabling you to take your dragon paradise to new heights.

Importance of Gems in Dragon City

Gems are the premium currency in Dragon City, and they offer numerous advantages that can significantly impact your gaming experience. Here’s why gems are so important:

Speeding Up Processes: Breeding and hatching dragons usually take time, but gems can be used to instantly complete these processes. This allows you to obtain new dragons quickly and participate in time-limited events with greater efficiency.

Expanding Habitats: As your dragon collection grows, you’ll need more space to accommodate them. Gems allow you to expand your habitats, providing comfortable living spaces for your dragons and enabling you to collect more gold.

Purchasing Exclusive Dragons: Some of the rarest and most powerful dragons in the game can only be acquired through gem purchases. Gems give you access to unique dragon species that can give you an edge in battles and competitions.

Upgrading Ancient World Buildings: In the Ancient World section of Dragon City, gems are required to upgrade certain buildings and unlock valuable rewards.

Dragon City Gems Prices

  • Small Gem Pack: $4.99 – Contains around 70 gems.
  • Medium Gem Pack: $9.99 – Contains around 160 gems.
  • Large Gem Pack: $19.99 – Contains around 320 gems.
  • Extra-Large Gem Pack: $49.99 – Contains around 850 gems.
  • Jumbo Gem Pack: $99.99 – Contains around 1800 gems.

Methods to Obtain Free Gems in Dragon City (10 Best Tips)

Daily Rewards

Get ready for a daily dose of dragon goodness! Simply log in to Dragon City every day to unlock a variety of rewards, and guess what? Free gems might just be waiting for you as part of the daily login bonus! Plus, the more consecutive days you log in, the juicier the rewards become. So, make it a delightful habit and increase your chances of grabbing those precious gems.

Completing Achievements

Accomplishment and rewards, what a magical combo! Dragon City is brimming with exciting achievements waiting for you to conquer. Whether it’s breeding rare dragons, reaching new levels, or dominating in epic battles, each achievement brings not only a sense of triumph but also sweet, sparkling gems! So, go ahead, show your dragon prowess, and let those gems roll in.

Tournament Rewards

Rise up to the challenge and step into the arena of fierce competition! Engage in thrilling tournaments and leagues, pitting your dragons against other players. Score high, and you’ll be showered with ranking rewards that just might include those precious gems. Aim high, climb the ranks, and watch the gems flow!

Dragon Book Collections

Your Dragon Book holds the key to valuable rewards! Completing specific dragon collections by acquiring and showcasing unique dragon types can lead you to a sparkling gem bonanza. Keep a close eye on your Dragon Book, aim to complete as many collections as possible, and gems will be yours to claim.

Monster Arena

It’s time to let your dragons unleash their true power! Dive into the adrenaline-pumping Monster Arena battles against other players. Victory not only brings glory but also gleaming gems! Regularly participate in these battles to steadily accumulate a glittering stash of gems.

Watching Sponsored Videos

Are you ready for a gem-tastic treat? Dragon City occasionally treats players to sponsored videos within the game. By simply watching these videos, you’ll be rewarded with shimmering gems! It’s a quick and easy way to add a touch of sparkle to your gem collection each day.

Spin the Lucky Spin

Feeling lucky? Get ready for the exhilarating Lucky Spin! Spin the wheel for a chance to win fantastic prizes, including those precious gems. Keep an eager eye out for this fun-filled feature and give it a whirl!

Joining Alliances

The power of friendship and gems go hand in hand! Join an active alliance and open the doors to a wealth of benefits. Among these delights are gems earned as alliance rewards. Active alliances often take part in thrilling events and challenges, where successful completion means gems for all members!

Participating in Heroic Races

Ready for an adrenaline-pumping dragon race? Heroic Races await you! Take on thrilling tasks and missions, conquer the race, and earn exclusive dragons. And guess what? Some of these tasks come with a sparkling bonus – free gems! So, race your way to epic prizes and gems galore.

Gems from Friends

Sharing is caring, and in Dragon City, it’s also rewarding! In the Social menu, you can send and receive gems from your in-game friends. Interact with your dragon-loving buddies, request and send gems to each other, and watch your gem count soar!

With these incredible methods at your fingertips, your dragon journey will be an enchanting adventure filled with limitless possibilities. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s embark on this gem-hunting quest together and level up your dragon game in style!

Tips and Tricks to More Free Gems In Dragon City

  1. Daily Logins: Set a date with Dragon City every single day! Why? Because you never know what surprises await! The game loves to pamper its dedicated players with daily login bonuses, and guess what? You might just stumble upon some free gems! So, make it a daily ritual, and who knows how many gems you’ll score?
  2. Patience with Breeding and Hatching: Breeding and hatching dragons may require a bit of time, but guess what? Your patience can pay off big time! While gems can speed up the process, it’s wise to strategically plan your breeding and hatching endeavors. By exercising a bit of patience, you can save those precious gems for other fantastic dragon adventures.
  3. Focus on Quests: Time for some quest-hunting excitement! Dragon City is packed with thrilling quests and objectives, and completing them is not only fun but also rewarding! Keep an eye out for quests that shower you with glittering gems as rewards. Prioritize these little gem treasure chests and watch your stash grow!
  4. Optimize Habitat Space: A tidy habitat is a treasure trove of gold! Efficiently managing your dragon habitats means more gold production, and guess what that means? You can use that gold to purchase dragons without spending gems! So, embrace the magic of habitat optimization and let the gold flow freely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain gems in Dragon City?

Gems in Dragon City can be obtained through various means, such as completing quests and achievements, participating in events, watching sponsored videos, and leveling up. You can also purchase gems with real money through in-game transactions.

Are gems essential in Dragon City? What are they used for?

Yes, gems are essential in Dragon City. They are the premium currency in the game and can be used to speed up breeding and hatching times, purchase rare dragons, expand habitats, and participate in time-limited events.

Can I get free gems in Dragon City, or do I need to buy them?

Yes, you can get free gems in Dragon City. The game provides various opportunities to earn gems through daily login bonuses, completing quests, participating in events, and more. However, you can also purchase gems with real money if you wish to support the game and acquire larger quantities quickly.

What is the fastest way to accumulate gems in the game?

The fastest way to accumulate gems in Dragon City is by actively participating in events and completing quests that offer gems as rewards. Additionally, logging in daily and watching sponsored videos can help you gather gems regularly.

Are there any special events or quests that reward gems?

Yes, Dragon City frequently hosts special events and quests that reward players with gems upon completion. These events may be time-limited, so keep an eye on the in-game announcements to ensure you don't miss out.

How can I maximize my daily gem earnings?

To maximize your daily gem earnings, make sure to log in every day to claim the daily login bonus. Engage in quests and events that offer gem rewards, and watch sponsored videos whenever they are available.

Can I use gems to speed up breeding and hatching times?

Yes, gems can be used to instantly complete breeding and hatching times for dragons. This allows you to obtain dragons quickly and participate in time-sensitive activities.

What are the benefits of joining an alliance in terms of gem rewards?

Being part of an active alliance can provide you with gem rewards through alliance events and challenges. Successful completion of these activities can lead to gem rewards for all alliance members.

Are there any strategies to save or spend gems wisely?

To save gems, consider using them only when necessary, such as for completing time-sensitive events or speeding up breeding times for rare dragons. Prioritize quests and activities that reward gems and use them strategically.

Can I send or receive gems from friends in the game?

Yes, in Dragon City's Social menu, you can send and receive gems from your in-game friends. Interact with your friends regularly to request and send gems to each other, helping everyone collect additional gems.

What are the different gem packages available for purchase, and how much do they cost?

Gem packages vary in quantity and price. They can range from smaller packages containing around 70 gems for $4.99 to larger bundles with approximately 1800 gems for $99.99. Prices and packages may differ based on your country and ongoing promotions.

Are there any tips or tricks to efficiently manage my gem resources?

Strategically use gems only when needed, such as during special events or to obtain rare dragons. Focus on completing quests and participating in events that reward gems, and avoid unnecessary gem expenditures.

Is there a limit to how many gems I can accumulate in Dragon City?

As of now, there is no set limit to how many gems you can accumulate in Dragon City. However, it's essential to use them wisely and avoid hoarding them excessively.

Can I trade gems with other players?

No, currently, there is no direct trading system for gems between players in Dragon City.

What happens if I accidentally spend gems on the wrong item? Is there a way to get them back?

Unfortunately, once you spend gems, the game does not offer a refund or a way to reverse the transaction. Be cautious when using gems and double-check before confirming any purchases.


Gems are a valuable resource in Dragon City that can greatly influence your gameplay experience. While purchasing gems is one way to obtain them, leveraging in-game methods, participating in events, and staying active on social media can help you acquire free gems.

By implementing the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, you can maximize your gem acquisition, enhance your dragon paradise, and enjoy the full potential of the Dragon City experience without breaking the bank. So, dive into the magical world of Dragon City and embark on an exciting journey with your dragons!