How To Get Free Gems In Golf Clash? 2023 Tips, Tricks And Strategies

How To Get Free Gems In Golf Clash: Golf Clash, the thrilling mobile golf game, offers players an immersive golfing experience with strategic gameplay and stunning courses. Gems, as the premium currency in Golf Clash, hold the key to unlocking powerful equipment, special balls, and other valuable upgrades. While purchasing gems is an option, there’s no need to break the bank! In this in-depth article, we’ll delve into the importance of gems in Golf Clash, explore gem prices, reveal ten ingenious methods to obtain free gems, and equip you with tips and tricks to maximize your gem acquisition. So, grab your golf clubs, and let’s tee off on a journey to a world of free gems and golfing triumphs!

Importance of Gems in Golf Clash

Gems are the lifeblood of Golf Clash, and understanding their significance is crucial for your golfing success. Here’s why they are so vital:

Unlocking Premium Clubs: Gems enable you to purchase premium clubs that offer better stats and more precise shots, giving you a competitive edge on the golf course.

Special Balls for Competitive Advantage: With gems, you can acquire special balls with enhanced attributes, including extra power and spin, giving you an advantage in challenging matches.

Purchasing Chests and Upgrades: Gems allow you to unlock and speed up the opening of chests, granting you access to valuable club cards and upgrade materials for your gear.

Tournament Entry Fees: Participating in tournaments can be a fantastic way to win significant rewards. Gems are often used to pay entry fees for these prestigious events.

Golf Clash Gems Prices

In Golf Clash, gems can be purchased through in-game transactions. Here’s an overview of gem prices:

  1. Pile of Gems: $4.99 – Contains around 525 gems.
  2. Bag of Gems: $9.99 – Contains around 1,200 gems.
  3. Sack of Gems: $19.99 – Contains around 2,500 gems.
  4. Box of Gems: $49.99 – Contains around 6,500 gems.
  5. Chest of Gems: $99.99 – Contains around 14,000 gems.

While these packages provide convenience, there are numerous ways to collect free gems in Golf Clash without spending a cent!

10 Best Methods to Obtain Golf Clash Free Gems

Daily Login Rewards

Golf Clash appreciates its dedicated golfers, and the daily login rewards are a testament to that. By simply logging into the game each day, players are rewarded with various goodies, and among them, you may find free gems sparkling like gems on a green. Make it a part of your daily routine to log in and claim your rewards, and those precious gems will add up over time.

Complete Achievements

In the world of golfing prowess, achievements are the medals of glory! Golf Clash offers a diverse array of achievements that players can accomplish by showcasing their skills on the course. Whether it’s nailing the perfect hole-in-one or achieving a stunning winning streak, each achievement brings a satisfying sense of accomplishment and, as an added bonus, rewards you with gems! Keep an eye on the Achievement tab, set your golfing goals high, and watch the gems roll in with every achievement unlocked.

Open Free Chests

Golf Clash understands the value of appreciating its players’ loyalty, and that’s why Free Chests are scattered throughout the game. These chests are a delightful surprise, offering a chance to acquire valuable rewards, including free gems, club cards, and coins. Make sure to check your Free Chests regularly, as they replenish periodically, presenting you with an opportunity to stock up on gems and other goodies without spending a dime.

Participate in Tournament Wins

Tournaments in Golf Clash are the grand stages where golfers showcase their skills and compete for glory. As you play your heart out and achieve victories in these thrilling events, you’ll earn Tournament Points. Accumulate enough points to unlock Tournament Chests, and within the shimmering treasure troves, you may find free gems awaiting you. The harder you compete, the more gems you can earn!

Win Weekly League Rewards

Climbing the ranks and proving your golfing prowess in the weekly league competitions yields various prizes, and you’ll be glad to know that gems are among them. By consistently performing well and making your way to the upper tiers of the weekly leagues, you’ll be rewarded with more gems. So, put your golfing skills to the test and revel in the gem-filled rewards of triumph!

Watch Ad Videos

Golf Clash offers golfers an engaging way to earn free gems: by watching short video ads! Taking just a few moments of your time, these video ads offer a delightful opportunity to collect free gems regularly. Keep an eye out for the video ad prompts, and with a few taps, you’ll be well on your way to a gem-stocked golfing journey.

Complete Quests

Golf Clash introduces exciting quests that challenge golfers to achieve specific tasks or goals. Whether it’s winning a certain number of matches or landing impressive shots, each completed quest brings you closer to the coveted gem rewards. Embrace the challenges that await you, and with every quest conquered, you’ll find your gem collection gleaming brighter.

Participate in Special Events

The world of Golf Clash is brimming with special events and limited-time challenges that add an extra dash of excitement to the greens. Engaging actively in these events presents you with unique opportunities to earn gem rewards and exclusive goodies. Keep a close eye on the Events tab, and whenever a special event beckons, seize the chance to tee off on a gem-filled adventure.

Invite and Participate with Friends

In Golf Clash, the camaraderie of golfers is celebrated through clans. Forming or joining a Golf Clash clan allows you to invite friends to play together, engage in friendly matches, and even compete in clan competitions. As you partake in friendly matches and other clan activities, you’ll contribute to the clan’s progress, leading to clan rewards, and yes, you guessed it, some of these rewards include gems. So, invite your golf-loving friends, unite as a clan, and march towards gem-studded victories together!

Participate in Social Media Contests

Stay connected to the vibrant Golf Clash community on various social media platforms. In addition to enjoying the camaraderie and discussions, you may also stumble upon exciting contests and community events. These contests often offer the chance to win gem rewards, along with other exclusive prizes. So, don’t shy away from joining the conversation and taking part in the contests – you just might find yourself walking away with a gem-filled trophy!

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Gems Acquisition

  1. Plan Your Upgrades: When it comes to gem usage, strategize your upgrades wisely. Use gems to speed up chest unlocks during special events or when you need specific club cards for upgrades. By planning your gem expenditure, you can ensure they are put to optimal use.
  2. Prioritize Achievements: Focus on completing achievements that reward gems to maximize your gem earnings. While all achievements are worthy of pursuit, prioritize those that offer the gleaming gems as rewards, helping you build your gem stash more efficiently.
  3. Play Regularly: Active and consistent gameplay is not only enjoyable but also increases your chances of obtaining free gems through daily rewards and tournament victories. Tee off regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on any gem-earning opportunities.
  4. Watch Ad Videos Daily: Make it a habit to watch video ads daily to take advantage of this effortless method to earn free gems. A few minutes of your time each day can result in a steady flow of gems, adding to your treasure trove.
  5. Save Gems for Special Balls: Resist the temptation to spend gems on unnecessary items and focus on acquiring special balls instead. Special balls offer enhanced attributes, providing you with an edge in tournaments and high-stakes matches. Saving your gems for these valuable items will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

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Golf Clash hack, Golf Clash cheats, and Golf Clash Coins generator are all terms used to describe third-party programs that can be used to modify or exploit the game in order to gain an unfair advantage. These programs can be used to do things like:

  • Increase your character’s stats
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are gems in Golf Clash, and why are they important?

Gems are the premium currency in Golf Clash. They play a vital role in unlocking premium clubs, purchasing special balls, speeding up chest unlocks, and more, enhancing your overall golfing experience.

Can I get free gems in Golf Clash?

Yes, Golf Clash offers various methods to earn free gems, such as completing achievements, participating in tournaments, opening free chests, watching video ads, and engaging in special events.

How do I check my gem balance in Golf Clash?

You can check your gem balance in the top-right corner of the main screen. Your current gem count is displayed beside the gem icon.

Can I buy gems with real money in Golf Clash?

Yes, Golf Clash offers gem packages for purchase through in-game transactions. Players can choose from different packages containing various quantities of gems.

Are there any strategies to save and use gems wisely in Golf Clash?

Yes, it's essential to use gems strategically. Consider saving gems for special balls and important club upgrades. Additionally, use gems to speed up chest unlocks during events or when you need specific club cards.

What is the fastest way to earn gems in Golf Clash?

Participating in tournaments and winning weekly league rewards can be a fast way to earn gems. Additionally, completing achievements and watching video ads regularly can help you accumulate gems quickly.

Are there any limitations on the number of gems I can collect in Golf Clash?

As of now, there is no specific limit on the number of gems you can collect in Golf Clash. Keep earning gems through various methods to build up your gem stash.

Can I use gems to purchase club cards directly in Golf Clash?

No, gems cannot be used directly to purchase specific club cards. However, you can use gems to speed up chest unlocks, which may contain club cards as rewards.

Do gems have any expiration date in Golf Clash?

No, gems do not have an expiration date. They will remain in your account until you choose to use them for in-game purchases or upgrades.

Can I transfer gems between different accounts in Golf Clash?

No, gems cannot be transferred between different Golf Clash accounts. Gems are specific to each individual account and cannot be shared or gifted to other players.


Golf Clash, the thrilling world of mobile golf, brings golfers from around the globe together in a quest for victory on the greens. Gems, as the shining currency of the game, are instrumental in elevating your golfing experience to new heights. With these ingenious methods and time-tested tips at your disposal, you can amass a treasure trove of free gems, unlock premium clubs, acquire powerful balls, and speed up your journey to golfing triumphs. So, tee off confidently, swing with precision, and embark on an exhilarating golfing adventure, armed with a wealth of gems to pave your path to victory. Happy swinging, golfers! May your balls fly true and your gems shine brighter than ever!